Why List Rental Houses And Advertise Apartments on Rentdigs.com?

A few key points why RentDigs.com is the best place on the internet to advertise your rentals:

  • List rental homes and apartments - FREE
  • Post multiple pictures of your rental - FREE
  • Benefit from RentDigs.com’s national AND local apartment advertising!
  • Once you list rental homes with RentDigs, your rental listings will automatically be posted on Oodle.com, Trovit.com, claz.org, Mitula.com and RentJungle.com - FREE!!
  • View statistics to see how often your rental advertisement is being viewed!
  • Receive a personalized link to use in print or other advertising to link prospective tenants directly to your rental listing!
  • Did we mention the cost? - 100% FREE
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Finding A Qualified Tenant Fast

As you very well know, every day your apartment or house for rent sits vacant, you’re losing money. Getting as many potential renters’ eyes on your rental advertising is key to getting a qualified tenant as soon as you can. Long gone are the days where people relied solely on newspapers for apartment advertising. More and more, renters are turning to the internet to scour free websites for list of rental homes and apartments. When listing rentals with www.RentDigs.com, not only is it free for you to advertise but it’s also free for the prospective renters. Unlike many other rental advertising websites, we don’t require the renter to register before being able to see all the details of your rental listing. When websites require the renter to register, many times the refuse and leave frustrated and never see your rental or apartment advertising that you listed – wasting both your time and their time.

Making Your Free Rental Advertisement Work Fr You!

So you’ve decided listing your rental home or apartment online for free (can’t argue with the price!) is the best advertising method for you – what’s next? As stated above getting as many potential renters’ eyes on your rental advertising is key. With RentDigs.com we go above and beyond to help with this by also posting your advertisement on additional rental advertising websites (Oodle.com, Claz.org, Mitula.com, Trovit.com and RentJungle.com) – for free! In addition, we work very hard to make sure our site, as well as your rental listing, is index frequently by all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). By doing all this we ensure we bring a large number of potential renters to view the houses for rent and apartments advertised on our site.

Getting Started Advertising Your Apartment or Rental Home Online (For Free!!)

Okay, so you’re ready to get started and find a tenant for your vacant rental home or apartment fast!! The first step is to get registered! It’s quick and easy – all you need to do is enter your email address and create a password for your account. Don’t worry, we don’t SPAM (we hate SPAM too)!!!! The only time you’ll get an email from us is right after you register (a welcome email), one more after you list a property (to confirm it’s active) and when a prospective tenant chooses to contact you via the contact form. If we notice you have not logged in 30 days, we'll send you a reminder email to make sure your listing is still available and your ad is upto date. We use a contact form which hides your email address to prevent others from seeing it and using it for malicious purposes. Only when you choose to reply to the prospective tenant, do they see your email.

Tips To Get The Most From Your Online Rental Advertising

Below are some tips to keep in mind when creating your free rental listing. These will not only help you find more qualified tenants but also draw more eyes to your ad!


Be as descriptive as possible in your advertisement!!! People want to know as much as they can about the rental property they will soon be calling home. The more you type, the better!!!


Upload pictures of your apartment or rental property! We allow you to upload up to 8 pictures. You know the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this holds true with rental advertising as well. If you don’t have pictures now, you can always update your rental listing with them later. Rental listings with multiple pictures get viewed more so you up your chances of finding that perfect renter.


Review your listing once it’s active! Make sure your phone number and address are listed correctly. Avoid using abbreviations – this is especially true for the city name. Most renters will search the rental listings by the full city name. It should go without saying, but spelling the city name that the rental is being advertised in is key too.


Avoid using all caps when typing. This only makes your rental advertisement hard to read and looks unprofessional.


Once your rental listing is active post a link to it on your Facebook wall (assuming you have a Facebook account). This will instantly bring attention to your advertisement and let your friends and family know your rental is now available.

Compare Rentdigs.com To Other Advertising Methods

RentDigs.com Other Websites Newspapers
Cost Free $30 - $100 /mo. $100 + /mo.
Photos Included 8 Varies No
Maps Yes Varies No
Registration or Cost to Renters No Varies Yes
See the Numbers of Renters Who Viewed Your Ad Yes No No
Personalized Link to Your Rental Ad Yes No No
Created By Landlords Yes No No
National and Local Advertising Yes Varies No
Automatically Have Your Rental Listing Posted On: Oodle.com, Trovit.com, claz.org, Mitula.com and RentJungle.com - FREE!! Yes No No
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